The Greatest Gift Of All


Don’t just pretend to love others
Really love them.
Hate what is wrong
Hold tightly to what is good
Love each other with genuine affection
And take delight in honoring each other
Romans 12: 9-10


Just Surviving Somehow (J.S.S)

Growing up isn’t easy, making life decisions ain’t easy either and don’t get me started with the having responsibilities to tend to 😥
(all these come in different packages)

The “Oh! By the way” cliché, losses it’s meaning when trying to  come to terms with life’s real realness (pardon my vocabulary but that’s all my confused mind can come up with rytna) 🙄
Adjusting to a different kind of lifestyle has been hard, you loose track of time, sometimes the only thing I look forward to after I wake up is going back to sleep later in the evening.
All these are moments in my life happening in flashes. There are days I fear I might go cray but I try to take it all in one day at a time.

•° I know eventually, I’ll have a weekend where I’m not more tired at the end of it, than the beginning °•

LIFE requires living first!!

The Fairy tale..!!

Many don’t believe in fairytales actually most people don’t. As usual the sun sets in haze of delightful colours, but it all depends on your view of nature because only a few take time to discover such wonderful beauty.

°•A  companion once told me how he took time to notice the least of natures beauty, since it was the only thing he could do to overcome the bitternes he felt for the place he was in •° 💋

Back to my fairytale story this is how it begins,” I’m tired & fatigued , bored, unsatisfied & empty inside. I close my eyes to wake up in a dream. Everything seems strange I can’t see well, been sleeping for quite sometime “blink blink blink” now i see but wait everthing is so different. So many unfamiliar faces surround me, the air smells different, the environment feels peculiar, the scent of nature is diverse. This is not the atmosphere I’m used to. Should I be afraid?! Should I  panic?!
Just a minute..!! There is this familiar joy in my heart, a joy I’ve  always felt deep is coming out, happines, satisfaction. I take a deep breathe and if only the angels weren’t there I could have sworn it was heaven ☺☺
I knew tomorrow  would be good but today was just a fairytale :mrgreen:😘

note to self 

After all what life has thrown back at me, I’ve managed to make it through
For all those pep talks i give to myself during my darkest days have created this beautiful soul that has learnt, we need those rainy days so as to enjoy the sunshine that comes after.

I tell myself “Molly, yes it may hurt now and sometimes you may  want to drop dead but this is not the end…everyone goes through pain and in some way they come out alive , so even if you feel all alone & confused doesn’t mean you gotta give up 💪 wake up face the world fake a smile and no one we’ll ever know how injured your soul is :).
…and, yes in life you’ll loose many things and people whom you  thought were “your rides or die😜”, you’re no stranger to the leaving and sure you’ve had the best goodbyes but here you are and when you look back you now understand the phrase –>> “The bravest thing we ever do is  continuing our lives when all we ever wanted was to die ” <<– … you will look ahead, give yourself a lil tap on the shoulder and a smile  because you made it.
So for all those who think they’re lost, know that you’re not. You’re on a road with no destination tryna look for a place that you like and will want to stay
I hope you find that place someday ♡


The human race never understands the concept that no one is born to be a perfectionist no matter how much we seek it. For you uncruel being who calls out someone for their mistakes and making fun of it won’t do you any good. You’ll feel like the bigger man and your happiness is seeing your mate hating himself/herself but what you didn’t know is that “the moment you think you’re breaking their souls to pieces you’re actually building them to be stronger” •• I call them the silent fighters ••

Love, when someone tries to bring you down •● smile and tell yourself you’re a working progress.
You will be called out for being a fool but don’t let that harden your heart. Love yourself cause self love is the best 💕

⇨Above all kill them with kindness!!💋



Come witness the annual migration of the wildebeest at the Masai Mara Game Reserve
Along side the migration you get to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Mara. The park has been graceful to be a home to many other wildlife animals including the CAT family among other animals 
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“I’d be lucky if I ever had that kind of passion with someone, and if I did, we would be together forever. Even now I believe the most part, love is about choices. It’s about making your own happy ending, most of the time. And that sometimes despite all your best choices and all your best intentions, fate wins anyway 💚


“How can a four letter word can be tarnished into something so cruel and unreal??” thoughts from a broken hearted person

We grieve over a broken heart differently and at our own time but for some trying to come to terms and learning how to let go and moving on to them ‘it’s inevitable.’

..but what many don’t know is, there can be beauty in getting lost after such an experience. How we pick ourselves up and regroup matters because, that which we gain moulds us into someone new and the few lessons learnt come in hand. Sadly, there are those whose hope is long gone and the slightest trail of love doesn’t seem to linger in them..they receive the label •●the heart of stone●• In their world love is a wanderer with an ocean in her eyes and a worn out story. (sad reality)

It’s unfortunate, you know, but one thing we ought to learn is that love isn’t just a verb, it has no middle term •• either it destroys or saves •• because all human’s destiny is in this dilemma.

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ⓣⓗⓔ ⓑⓞⓞⓚ ⓞⓕ ⓛⓘⓔⓢ

•• Being led on..heartbreaks..lies..broken promises..uncertainty ••


Happens when we get involved with people who either don’t have an experience of what hearbreaks feels like…people who are uncertain of what they want in a relationship…the ones swayed by their past and seeing it better then  neglect what they have at their present

… but no matter how hard we try to escape it, we find ourselves in the mess of either loving the wrong person and sadly the feeling can’t be reciprocated…Aww:( for those  that’ve cried themselves to sleep..for others, well they’ve turned into “someone else” 

We find the players of the “game” to them love is a ⓣⓘⓣ for ⓣⓐⓣ notion…some won’t let anyone in because the word “ⓣⓡⓤⓢⓣ” doesn’t exist in their world anymore … there are also the gone case who have no moral compass pointing due north because “ⓦⓞⓡⓣⓗⓛⓔⓢⓢ is now their second name.

◐ some wounds may never fully heal ◐ might have to adjust to a whole new way of living ◐ the changes get too radical to go back to what it used to be ◐ there are days you wish you’d trade your tomorrows for just one yesterday ◐ you don’t recognize yourself anymore ◐ you’re a whole new person ◑ 💭

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What good does one gain for killing or harming our animals?? They can’t speak up for themselves but it is the responsiblity of every individual to take part in creating awareness to care, protect for our wildlife and their conservancies!! These animals are what pride a country with a fortune that not even money can buy.
Will you help them? They ask!! 😦
Seeing this breaks my heart!!