“How can a four letter word can be tarnished into something so cruel and unreal??” thoughts from a broken hearted person

We grieve over a broken heart differently and at our own time but for some trying to come to terms and learning how to let go and moving on to them ‘it’s inevitable.’

..but what many don’t know is, there can be beauty in getting lost after such an experience. How we pick ourselves up and regroup matters because, that which we gain moulds us into someone new and the few lessons learnt come in hand. Sadly, there are those whose hope is long gone and the slightest trail of love doesn’t seem to linger in them..they receive the label •●the heart of stone●• In their world love is a wanderer with an ocean in her eyes and a worn out story. (sad reality)

It’s unfortunate, you know, but one thing we ought to learn is that love isn’t just a verb, it has no middle term •• either it destroys or saves •• because all human’s destiny is in this dilemma.

#thoughts #randomness #realLife


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