note to self 

After all what life has thrown back at me, I’ve managed to make it through
For all those pep talks i give to myself during my darkest days have created this beautiful soul that has learnt, we need those rainy days so as to enjoy the sunshine that comes after.

I tell myself “Molly, yes it may hurt now and sometimes you may  want to drop dead but this is not the end…everyone goes through pain and in some way they come out alive , so even if you feel all alone & confused doesn’t mean you gotta give up 💪 wake up face the world fake a smile and no one we’ll ever know how injured your soul is :).
…and, yes in life you’ll loose many things and people whom you  thought were “your rides or die😜”, you’re no stranger to the leaving and sure you’ve had the best goodbyes but here you are and when you look back you now understand the phrase –>> “The bravest thing we ever do is  continuing our lives when all we ever wanted was to die ” <<– … you will look ahead, give yourself a lil tap on the shoulder and a smile  because you made it.
So for all those who think they’re lost, know that you’re not. You’re on a road with no destination tryna look for a place that you like and will want to stay
I hope you find that place someday ♡


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