The Fairy tale..!!

Many don’t believe in fairytales actually most people don’t. As usual the sun sets in haze of delightful colours, but it all depends on your view of nature because only a few take time to discover such wonderful beauty.

°•A  companion once told me how he took time to notice the least of natures beauty, since it was the only thing he could do to overcome the bitternes he felt for the place he was in •° 💋

Back to my fairytale story this is how it begins,” I’m tired & fatigued , bored, unsatisfied & empty inside. I close my eyes to wake up in a dream. Everything seems strange I can’t see well, been sleeping for quite sometime “blink blink blink” now i see but wait everthing is so different. So many unfamiliar faces surround me, the air smells different, the environment feels peculiar, the scent of nature is diverse. This is not the atmosphere I’m used to. Should I be afraid?! Should I  panic?!
Just a minute..!! There is this familiar joy in my heart, a joy I’ve  always felt deep is coming out, happines, satisfaction. I take a deep breathe and if only the angels weren’t there I could have sworn it was heaven ☺☺
I knew tomorrow  would be good but today was just a fairytale :mrgreen:😘


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