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She wanted to love and to be loved. But the resentment in her, made it feel like she wasn’t destined to find her “prince Charming.”

One after the other they left and to some point bad luck almost felt like it was bound to her till infinity. 

…but, one day in the most unexpected time and place, someone new walked into her life. At first she thought “This must be the biggest joke life’s tryna play her!!” She didn’t rush, because like a painting all she could do was crush on him from a distance.

She would introduce him to her mates as the “friend” because it somehow made her feel sane a little bit. 

Not long the “friendly hangouts” turned into dates and then their first kiss. 🙂

She felt it deeper in her soul into her roots 💖

She hopes till forever ends that he’ll be what we call “soul mate” 💌


You were so bitter

But you will taste again

No you will not stay numb for long

I’ll pinch you

And after all the tears

There will be laughter too

I promise

You’re stronger than this shit 

​Favorite songs with the lyrics I live by

“I Bet You Don’t Curse God” – Christina Grimmie 

In life we all gonna have rough  times and even in  the worst of times we turn to God…not to speak hateful words but to ask Him to make the situation better. 

♬Everybody cries

We’ve all faked a smile 

When your back’s against the wall

And your hands are tied

There’s pain, 

Life hurts

There’s thousand  things

You think you don’t deserve

All hope is lost

When You spend it all

And you just can’t beat the odds

I bet you don’t curse God…

“Born Sinner” – J. Cole 

 Learn to embrace your imperfections in the most perfect way. This way no one will use your ‘flaws’ against you.

♬I was born sinning but I live better than that… And if you ain’t fucking with that, I don’t care…✌

“Same Love” – Macklemore 

LOVE is patient, LOVE is kind.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. LOVE NEVER FAILS!!


♬..No law is gonna change us

We have to change us

Whatever God you believe in

We come from the same one

Strip away the fear

Underneath it’s all the same love

About time that we raised up…

“Brother” – NeedToBreathe ft Gavin deGraw 

This one’s for my brothers. They’re my rock, my MAIN ONES!! •|° Kenn & Brian °|• without them in my life I would not be who I am today 😘

♬Face down in the desert now there’s a cage locked around my heart

I found a way to drop the keys where my failures were

Now my hands can’t reach that far

I ain’t made for a rivalry I could never take the world aloneI know that in my weakness I am strong, but

It’s your love that brings me home…

“When A Man Loves A Woman” – Michael Bolton 

I have a young soul that craves for such songs – this one specifically gets me. I love how he begins the song with an enthusiastica feeling. This song can make you feel like you’re in love even when you’re not (always lightens my mood) 

♬When a man loves a woman

Can’t keep his mind on nothing else

he’d trade the world

For a good thing he’s found

If she is bad, he can’t see it

She can do no wrong

Turn his back on his best friend

If he puts her down… 

“You can’t make old friends” – Kenny Rogers ft Dolly Parton 

This one’s for my bestie RUTHIE 👭  we made it 7yrs and still going strong. She’s my rock despite the long distance I wouldn’t trade her for any other 💯

♬ What will I do when you are gone?

Who’s gonna tell me the truth?

Who’s gonna finish the stories I start,

The way you always do?

When somebody knocks at the door,

Someone new walks in.

I will smile and shake their hands,but you can’t make old friends…

“Alive” – Sia

Knowing that I am a working progress makes me love myself more than how any human being can and that despite all the challenges I come across I end up making it out alive in some type of way 

♬ I found solace in the strangest place

Way in the back of my mind

I saw my life in a stranger’s face

And it was mine

I had a one-way ticket to a place where all the demons go

Where the wind don’t change

And nothing in the ground can ever grow

No hope, just lies

And you’re taught to cry into your pillow

But I survived… 💪🙌

“Me, Myself & I” – G-eazy & Bebe Rexha 

There are days when I just wanna be me,  do me and not worry about any other human other than me. Does that make me selfish? probably!! but once you learn how cruel this world can be, sometimes you gotta learn to be your own hero…so you might as well learn to enjoy your own company every once in a while 💯

♬ I don’t need anything to get me through the night

Except the beat that’s in my heart

Yeah, it’s keeping me alive

I don’t need anything to make me satisfied

‘Cause the music does me good and it gets me every time… 

A Break-up

Happy Trails

The kiss first appeared a few days after the second date. I was out with the lads in Dublin city and was pleasantly surprised to see a text from Kate.

1017pm Hiya. Hope you are having a good time with the boys!

Touched that a pretty girl had thought of me I bashed out a quick response, making sure Shane couldn’t see because texting a girl back straight away was a sin in his books (the ABC of Attraction, The Game, Why you are not getting laid). I didn’t see the harm.

1019pm Great Yeah. How are you getting on?

1021pm Over in Jills having a few glasses of wine. Girly night in. You going out out?

1045pm Looks like it. Lads wanna hit Coppers.

1103pm Oh there will be lots of nice girls there…

Coppers. Common perception has it that all you have to do is pay an entrance…

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All Me!! 

I am very playful. I’m the kind of person who would go hoping around like a little kid, jump square boxes, sing out loud ( sometimes I do to irritate my friends haha not sorry thou) 
People sometimes ask me do you get serious?  Or do you experience those bad days?  I tell them Yes!!  

I know what going through a rough time  means, there days I have induced hate in my soul that I questioned my own existence, I have cried myself to sleep and woke up like my life is somehow “perfect”

Those dark thoughts too, have been on my life’s menu. There days the only thing I did was just convert oxygen into carbon dioxide (breath) 

But somehow I made it out alive. 
I understand there are those who view life as a serious thing and I’m cool with that..don’t infect me with that vibe. No honey I’m good!! 

My reality.. You wanna get to know me?? know that, the “stone made kind of human” doesn’t live in me. I wanna do silly things I wanna have fun. Don’t get me wrong, when need be I can get serious out of respect and to potray a good image of myself (always show the good side of you with no pretence… Not many humans wanna see you all cray heheh). But my kind of serious doesn’t make me forget what LIVING means.. 
I know being happy doesn’t revolve around a smile. To me happiness is when I’m doing things that aren’t stressing the shit outta me. 
I’m not perfect but I learnt to love myself and embrace my flaws in a way no other human would. This is what I call self love 😘



Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. ->If you haven’t learned the meaning of FRIENDSHIP, you really haven’t learned anything!!

Inspired by my one of the many country songs
YOU CAN’T MAKE OLD FRIENDS” – Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton
♬ What will I do when you are gone?
Who’s gonna tell me the truth?
Who’s gonna finish the stories I start,
The way you always do?
When somebody knocks at the door,
Someone new walks in.
I will smile and shake their hands,
but you can’t make old friends…