All Me!! 

I am very playful. I’m the kind of person who would go hoping around like a little kid, jump square boxes, sing out loud ( sometimes I do to irritate my friends haha not sorry thou) 
People sometimes ask me do you get serious?  Or do you experience those bad days?  I tell them Yes!!  

I know what going through a rough time  means, there days I have induced hate in my soul that I questioned my own existence, I have cried myself to sleep and woke up like my life is somehow “perfect”

Those dark thoughts too, have been on my life’s menu. There days the only thing I did was just convert oxygen into carbon dioxide (breath) 

But somehow I made it out alive. 
I understand there are those who view life as a serious thing and I’m cool with that..don’t infect me with that vibe. No honey I’m good!! 

My reality.. You wanna get to know me?? know that, the “stone made kind of human” doesn’t live in me. I wanna do silly things I wanna have fun. Don’t get me wrong, when need be I can get serious out of respect and to potray a good image of myself (always show the good side of you with no pretence… Not many humans wanna see you all cray heheh). But my kind of serious doesn’t make me forget what LIVING means.. 
I know being happy doesn’t revolve around a smile. To me happiness is when I’m doing things that aren’t stressing the shit outta me. 
I’m not perfect but I learnt to love myself and embrace my flaws in a way no other human would. This is what I call self love 😘


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