A Break-up

Happy Trails

The kiss first appeared a few days after the second date. I was out with the lads in Dublin city and was pleasantly surprised to see a text from Kate.

1017pm Hiya. Hope you are having a good time with the boys!

Touched that a pretty girl had thought of me I bashed out a quick response, making sure Shane couldn’t see because texting a girl back straight away was a sin in his books (the ABC of Attraction, The Game, Why you are not getting laid). I didn’t see the harm.

1019pm Great Yeah. How are you getting on?

1021pm Over in Jills having a few glasses of wine. Girly night in. You going out out?

1045pm Looks like it. Lads wanna hit Coppers.

1103pm Oh there will be lots of nice girls there…

Coppers. Common perception has it that all you have to do is pay an entrance…

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