She wanted to love and to be loved. But the resentment in her, made it feel like she wasn’t destined to find her “prince Charming.”

One after the other they left and to some point bad luck almost felt like it was bound to her till infinity. 

…but, one day in the most unexpected time and place, someone new walked into her life. At first she thought “This must be the biggest joke life’s tryna play her!!” She didn’t rush, because like a painting all she could do was crush on him from a distance.

She would introduce him to her mates as the “friend” because it somehow made her feel sane a little bit. 

Not long the “friendly hangouts” turned into dates and then their first kiss. 🙂

She felt it deeper in her soul into her roots 💖

She hopes till forever ends that he’ll be what we call “soul mate” 💌


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