The Beautiful Night

The Observer

What this beautiful dark night owes me?

I was thinking about it. It owes me peace. It owes me beauty of me. In this night, no one is watching me. I am what I am. I don’t have to care about that the moon is staring at me, that all these stars have their eye on me. Because they don’t judge me. All they see is love and they give is love. Love to oneself. Love for others. They don’t try to criticize. They don’t try to be sarcastic. They don’t let you put your finger on someone else. They steal your thoughts, your worry. They are so beautiful, yet distractive.
“Sometime distraction is what we need to see the path clearly.”
All I want is to keep staring at them. And the mind get connected to the soul. Time gets frozen. I wasn’t concerned about time anymore. The mixture…

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The day after April Fool’s


Thoughts By Lola .

“I wanna die rich and at peace if we are all gonna die anyways .”

My past , present and future aligning

I can almost feel at peace

I love my body , my personality and my beauty

Learning new ways on how to love myself

Life truly begins at 20 .

My past is messy but it has taught me how to be free-spirited , I am fluid by nature and I refuse to be contained .

My present overwhelms me with anxiety but I feel happier everyday , What a time to be alive!

My future is brighter than a night sky full of stars , I’ma strive for greatness in all ways possible .

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Beauty Within

Thoughts By Lola .

They are quick to tell us how we should be,

Always highlighting our flaws never our light.

They tell us we should look, talk or even dress some way for us to belong,

Always making us feel small for being different from the rest .

I used to worry about standing out in the crowds , wondering why I couldn’t fit in like the rest of the normals.

Don’t get me wrong, I felt enough and many times I felt more than enough for people around me.

I could see through their masks , fake smiles , shallow beliefs and empty words – sometimes I wished I could pretend just as good that all was well in the world.

‘ To help people I need to show them how much we are alike ‘I thought to myself,

So I tried to walk miles in their shoes but the shoe still…

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Why I’m Happy I Haven’t Found “the one” Yet…

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As a teenager, I thought by 24 I would already have met the guy I was meant to marry. And at 20, I believed that whole heartedly, I had met that one ‘person’ for me. But as life always comes with surprises and turnarounds, fate was not on my side in that relationship.

After my first big love relationship ended, I ventured out of my comfort zone by trying out the single life. It didn’t last long and ultimately resulted in finding myself in another relationship.

But since graduating college, I’ve been immersed, spun around, and entranced by the dating scene. And you know what? It’s more than just an experience. It’s more than just going on dates. It’s lesson after lesson on what values and wants I need my future partner to have. And I think that’s a pretty awesome thing to know about yourself.

Right now, I am incredibly grateful for all that I have experienced so far when it has come to love. I’ve had big love, I’ve had small love, I’ve had almost love, and I’ve had week long flings that didn’t amount to anything. Yet, all of these relationships or lack there of, were equally important to learning more about myself and learning about who I shouldn’t or should settle for.

I’m only 24. I’m too young to know all of the parts and pieces of myself, so why should I be looking for a man to marry now? Of course, it’s not the same for everybody. I know people who are younger than me who are ten times more mature than me who have settled down. And it makes complete sense for them.

But not for me, and I’m not mad about it.

I have still so much to do. So much to see. So many more people to meet and people to love and adore. I have so much more exploring to do. Exploring myself, figuring out what makes my heart race or slow down. I have so much to learn about me. So much to grasp onto and to soak up what life has to give me.

For me, 24 is too young to know whether or not I could spend the rest of my life with one person. Of course, I want to get married in the future. And who knows, maybe my soulmate will show up tomorrow. But, for now, I’m more than content living the way I am.

I’m not saying I’m against being in a relationship. I’m not saying everyone should stay single forever. I would just rather wait than to rush it. I would rather have some time on my own first, before settling down. I would rather get to know myself and others on a deeper level. I would rather be my best self, before I found ‘the one’.

Love takes patience. It also takes a hell of a lot of courage and grit. It’s absolutely beautiful, and worth all of the pit falls and dips. But, self love is just the same — if not even harder.

I’d rather work on myself, for myself and by myself for a little while longer. I’ve still got a lot of learning, leaving, and loving left to do.

Bird Set Free

The toughest part is letting go
Million times you saw the cliff, but never jumped to end it though
Mistakes can always turn into another lesson though
Say I’m selfish, but you’re telling me what I already know
If you were smart you would run away and never let me know
Where you went, so I can’t chase you there, fly away and go
Don’t ask about me, you’ll be happier the less you know
Nothing’ll change if we keep staying put like we’re in control
But you just don’t budge, you just like an old judge
Can’t you see we got stains on this? This is no smudge
If only we could live with no liquor, no drugs
You got every right to hate me, but you still hold no grudge
You gotta go, even though it hurts, is this for certain
Even though I’d hate to see you with another person
And even though you’ll always be there in my heart just lurking
Haunting me, I gotta find myself and now I’m searchin’

Little bird, little bird, little bird, little bird
Spread your wings
And fly away

I wish you happiness, one day you’ll find the right one



Individuality!! 🍃

“There are times when alone is the best place to be.”

Some people think it’s awful to spend time alone—that it means you’re antisocial or no one needs you.

But it can actually be quite useful to take some time to yourself.

It’s a great opportunity to recharge, a good time to think and reflect, chance to understand what really makes you happy, teaches you to value people who are close to you and you’ll get a break from constantly trying to keep other people happy.

Go on walks alone. Sit in silence. Listen to music that calms you. Do something that makes you feel at peace with yourself. Be your own friend. Go ahead, be alone.You need it…sometimes.